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Our Company

Our Innovation

Here at Incotec we are excited to be a part of the global aerospace supply chain, which we have been supplying fastener coatings to for over 20 years. Our customers rely on us to continuously create innovative products for the future; we feel that no task is too large and no job is too small. The 787 & A350 are great examples of this; we have been working closely with these companies to come up with state-of-the-art coating solutions for composite structures. Through partnering with Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed, Bombardier, Goodrich, Comac, or Northrop, you can count on Incotec to be the leader in fastener coating innovations for years to come.

Our Commitment

We view our processes as an extension of our customer’s processes; we understand that in order to be successful we must align our goals with that of our customers. We see ourselves, not only as coatings people, but fastener people as well. We understand that our coatings cannot do their jobs if we don’t understand what that job is. From a design standpoint, as well as an application standpoint, a strong knowledge of how each diverse fastening system functions has been strategic to the success of our business. Incotec was built on this concept; it is the blueprint of our past and the vision for our future.

Our Quality System

We know that before we can add value to our customers, we must first strictly adhere to a philosophy that puts quality above all else. Whether it is adhering to AS9100, NADCAP, EPA, or AQMD, we understand that it is our job to fully understand and comply with all Industry & Regulatory requirements. Through this commitment we are able to build quality into our processes; this is employed through a bottom up approach that combines the knowledge from each and every team member to ensure that we are delivering the most advanced technology in the world.

Our Diversity Strategy

We believe that creating an environment that fosters achievement is central to achieving our goals. We also believe that in order to do that we must create an inclusive environment that promotes diversity in hiring, promotion, and gives everyone the opportunity to build the career of their dreams. Creating a diverse environment brings a variety of experiences together and allows us to better align ourselves with our suppliers and our customers. Social responsibility is at the core of our values, we believe in supporting our community because we know that it’s the right thing to do.

Our Goals

At Incotec, our goals are to produce the most advanced, environmentally friendly, quality coatings in the world. That is why we employ a full time R&D staff with over 100 years of experience in the aerospace coatings industry. We measure our performance based on how well we improve our quality, on-time delivery, and the number of innovations that we create each year. This approach has allowed us to raise the bar each and every year. Our customers are some of the largest most advanced aerospace companies in the world and we know that in order to keep up with them, we have to work closely with them, learn from them and apply that knowledge to our jobs.

Our Vision

When a new opportunity for development or production arises, we want to be the first company that our customers think of. The first people who are called, because our customers know that when they are dealing with Incotec, they are dealing with a company that understands that aircraft don’t get a second chance at quality, that understands that our success depends on theirs, and that understands that we are dedicated to delivering innovative products and processes for many years to come.

Randy Briley, CEO

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